Sleep(s) on Chickens: a book jacket

It is incredibly difficult to spend the entire duration of a novel of which you're the main character asleep.

It is arguably even more difficult to spend the duration dead.

Especially when it's got such a cryptic title.

Sleep(s) on Chickens: a novel is the second mystery novel from William Murphy. He used to write for sanemagazine, an online magazine, and thought briefly about a career as Tony Blair, before he realised that position was taken, and that he wasn't terribly political. He lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with a typewriter, a few bookshelves, and a picture of his old dog.

He was an ex-con.
That was what he told his friends, at any rate. It wasn't necessarily completely true, but, since he found the number of people whom he could count amongst his friends dwindling, he didn't feel quite so bad.
Not that he had a nasty personality, smelled funny, or wasn't an agreeable sort of person. It was just that he'd died. And, in addition to cramping his social life, it really made a mess of his personal metaphysics, and those of the people around him.

Sleep(s) on Chickens is the highly anticipated second novel from William Murphy, which is horribly behind schedule, which, despite Will's endearing talent for missing deadlines, isn't, surprisingly, endearing him all that much to his publishers.

We expect to see it on bookshelves somewhere in Autumn, 2001, but this is assuming that he'll begin answering his 'phone again and, perhaps, finish the novel.

sanemagazine says "[Sleep(s) on Chickens], well you know what we thought of that."