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The Introduction

This is a collection of fables compounded and created by the legendary old sage, Asop . They were found in a cave that was discovered when work crews began blasting for the groundwork of a new 7-11 in a remote region of Idaho. Why they were building a 7-11 in Idaho we shall never know, but the works were then rushed to a nearby laboratory for the application of several dating techniques to determine the age of these enlightened words. (Although there are doubts that the fables were rushed right away to the labs, because there were several ketchup stains on the paper, and it is well known that Frank, the foreman, had a hamburger with lots of ketchup that day.)
For a little background information and a taste of what exciting revelations may be present in the biography of Asop, here is a synopsis of Asop, the Wise and Great Fable-Teller. He lived in the early early years of the formation of this planet. It is believed that he actually knew and met often with God, and he makes reference to God in a few of his books. He claims that God is a nice guy and all to hang around with, but he can't really hold his liquor and that personally he wouldn't want God running things anyway. Asop apparently left a manual along with the fables in this cave of his in Idaho explaining the purpose of the fables as he wrote them.
But here they are, words forming tales that echo across the millennia, to reach our eyes. Certain fables have been inserted by a rather careless editor who obviously still hasn't gotten over the fact that the publishing house assigned him to such a " stupid waste of time," in his words. Because of this blatant displeasure on his part I forewarn you of the somewhat inconsistent dates of the tales you are about to experience. Although you will be happy to learn that upon further research it was discovered that the inconsistent fables actually came from the desk of The Brothers Trimm. You see, our publishing house recently came upon their collected works in a gully out in Wyoming in the course of another 7-11 ground-breaking ceremony, so we endeavoured to compile these new fables and provide access to the general public. There have been quite a few conjectures and musings about the legitimacy of these two finds at relatively the same time, but none of the suggestions that have been offered can assuage our belief that they be the true writings of both Asop and The Brothers Trimm. However, there is the one off-beat guess that maybe some crazed present day author has been masquerading as these wise old men. But we at the house severely doubt this. Enjoy the collection.

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